Monday, September 19, 2011


September 19, 2011

 Woke up around 4:45 Saturday morning to catch a 4 hour train ride to the city of Florence. Despite the lack of sleep, I went out and explored the city all day. The highlight was definitely the Duomo, a beautifully decorated cathedral that is the centerpiece of the city. I was lucky enough to attend Mass there on Sunday and the inside of the dome is incredible with the detailed artwork it has. With less than 36 hours in the city, it was difficult to see everything there is to see, such as the statue of David and the famous sites of Michelangelo but it was interesting to walk through bustling markets and over the river at night time to see the city lit up and to enjoy the night life with both locals and fellow Americans. The food for the most part was delicious but I did break down and make my first trip to McDonald's since being in Italy. All in all, it was a very enjoyable trip and  I would go back in a heart beat. The long rides on uncomfortable trains was the only downside, but it was well worth it.  

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